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Cloud services have changed the nature of business... the world! Proof of its efficacies are key factors that have launched its acceptance and exponential growth.

Businesses' ability to adapt will determine measured success...

... A sound cloud strategy will impact your company's success!

The end of the PSTN is imminent... !!!
Federal Communications Law Journal:
"The FCC’s Technology Advisory Committee has predicted that by 2018, the PSTN (Public Swithed Telephone Network) market will reach only six percent of the U.S. population. The PSTN is rapidly becoming an afterthought. Its market share will continue to shrink… "

The paradigm shift has already occurred. Communications have emerged from the imbedded copper-wire lines –  existing for almost 100+ years, are being replaced with fiber optics, as light signals provide the speeds and capacities that meet present and future capacity requirements.

"…telephone companies themselves are migrating away from the technical underpinnings of the PSTN, seeking to move their own customers to  wireless and VoIP-based alternatives."
Unified Communications
Transitioning from the the "tried and tested" telephone system of old (using 2-wire copper lines) to IP-based  technology, which utilizes broadband Internet access should be the first step.  This is a good thing! (especially since the PSTN will soon be non-functional) Broadband access provides the  pathway to the future.  Reason:  UC allows  organizations to be so much more productive.  Utilization of SIP technology, allows your work force to now have the basic infrastructure to integrate voice with data, video, mobile devices, instant messaging,  web collaboration, document sharing and lots more, all into one single communications fabric.  Tying all of your communications devices together will eliminate bottlenecks, shorten sales and project cycles.  No matter where your  team might be, work does doesn't slow down because key decison-makers are out of the loop or vital information is not available.  As well, if implemented and managed properly, UC can be provisioned to provide your company with the latest, up to date to mobile security.
Video Conferencing
A recent industry research survey revealed that within two years, video will become more pervasive in businesses across the globe.  When respondents were asked to choose their preferred methods of communications today, they ranked video conferencing third (47 percent) after e-mail
(89 percent) and voice/conference calls (64 percent), and those same business leaders and managers expect video to be their most preferred collaboration tool...

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    Broadband Services
    Relationships with 75 + network carrier / service providers / data centers to deliver "best of breed" network services availability throughout the U.S. It is our policy to deliver the very best known service performance for any facility location; at the most competitive prices. Our consortium of technology partners is vast and rich with superior levels of competencies -- to implement the most complicated of configurations, both nationally and Internationally.
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    SaaS technology has advanced to the point where it has become the norm for today's business -- with the likes of Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Virtual Desktops (VDI) etc. The current proliferation and success of these productivity suites and apps have experienced continued exponential growth. Our technical team is equipped and ready to assist with any configuration and/or implementation that is required to launch your company to new heights.
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    Business Continuity
    Technology services are only as good as the Internet connection i.e., between the customer's location, the cloud and the distant end. Real-time transmission: voice, video, credit card packets, require QoS protocols that prioritize said traffic for users to have "normal" user outcomes. Latency, jitter and outages are to be avoided at all costs. We implement services for our customers that provide redundancy, load balancing, 24/7 monitoring and guaranteed "UP TIME!"
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    Collaboration / Sharing
    Collaboration with colleagues across the global span is very powerful. Being able to call and see associates together, impromptu, over web-based applications -- video conferencing. Desktop sharing and file sharing all happening in real-time, will transcend time zones and allow business transactions to proceed while requiring less resources... and of course, time!
Where will technology take us next?
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